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2024 ACA Affordability Threshold Decreased to 8.39%

The IRS just announced a significantly lower ACA affordability percentage for 2024 (8.39%) than for 2023 (9.12%). Applying the 2023 federal poverty guidelines, this means that the maximum monthly premium which will satisfy the ACA federal poverty level safe harbor in 2024 is $101.93 (down from $103.28 in 2023). Depending on the circumstances, premiums that […]

Discover the Benefits of Electronic Payroll Onboarding with CHR

Welcome to the digital age of human resources and payroll management! At CHR, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits of electronic payroll onboarding for both employers and new employees. Here are the major benefits from electronic onboarding  you can expect when you work with us for payroll administration: Streamlined Processes: Efficiency at Its Best One of […]

Putting the ‘Human’ Back into Human Resources

At CHR, we deeply appreciate genuine human connection. We’re not just another automated system; we’re a team of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals here to deliver personalized HR support tailored to your organization’s needs. We know our clients are looking for practical solutions to streamline payroll and HR processes, reduce errors, ensure compliance, and save time and resources. We know our clients want peace of mind that their payroll and HR tasks are being handled by experts.

Payroll Year End Checklist

Follow this handy checklist at the end of each year to assist you in closing out your organization’s payroll. CHR payroll clients will receive a year-end questionnaire to ensure W2s, bonuses, and other year-end transactions are processed accurately and efficiently.