Focus less on your payroll,
and more on your people.

Say hello to the next generation of payroll.

CHR Laptop

Payroll made for 2019.

Every year, thousands of businesses across the country lose money because of time wasted on inefficient and time-intensive payroll practices. Using the combination of precise data computation and our tried-and-true management process, we balance man and machine in perfect harmony to make sure your payroll is always scalable, accurate, and efficient. And a dedicated payroll rep on-call to assist you. No call‐centers here.

Small Business Payroll Services

Built for convenience.

Hiring new employees should be a joyful celebration, not a logistical nightmare. That's why our system makes it easy to do employee onboarding, and avoid any paperwork handling and redundant correspondence.

Human Resources Information System

Your own HRIS.

Be in control of more than just your payroll. Track history, company property, training, PTO, LOA, and much more.

Payroll Management

Employee Self‐Service (ESS)

Employees can submit their own updates, PTO requests, timeclock punches and much more‐directly from their own ESS site.