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Each account at CHR has its own designated representative, a guide to help you navigate through the complexity of modern-day human resources. No matter if it’s a wage and hour compliance concern, assistance developing a new Employee Handbook, or difficulty dealing with employee situations, we help businesses deal with the problems that life throws their way.


Compliance regulations and tax codes.

You’d be like most if the thought of “compliance” gave you night terrors of confusing paperwork and unhelpful “best practices” manuals. With compliance regulations and tax codes being updated seemingly every day, it’s important that your company enlists the help of trusted professionals who know their stuff.

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Penalties for compliance mistakes can be extremely costly, and today’s climate is at an unprecedented level of enforcement. There are no exceptions for honest mistakes, so extreme diligence is always necessary. Let our personalized touch guide your HR practice and procedures to maintain compliance throughout the employment lifecycle.

What are the rules for unpaid interns?
My team’s remote. What’s the difference between work/home address?
Does the Health Care Reform Employee Mandate apply to me?
My team’s remote. What’s the difference between work/home address?
What are the rules for unpaid interns?
What are the sexual harassment training requirements? And how often do we have to do trainings?
How do we implement the recent I-9 mandate, in effect on 10/31/23?

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