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Whether you’re in the start-up stage, poised for growth, or a seasoned player on the block, building a successful business depends on systemization and efficient operations so your teams can focus on what matters most—growth. To paraphrase an oft-quoted universal truth, your business is only as good as the team you create and human resources can be a make-or-break factor in your ability to recruit and retain the top talent your business requires. So, how can you successfully leverage HR to position your business in a competitive market?

The reality is that building a strong corporate culture, retaining your workforce, and maximizing the efficiency of your operations are heavily reliant on HR. According to the 2018 SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Report, “47% of HR leaders cite employee retention and turnover as their top workforce management challenge, followed by recruitment and corporate culture management.” This data suggests that in addition to the software you deploy, you need an HR partner with experience in the industry who can take care of the larger pieces—like payroll, insurance, healthcare, compliance, and 401Ks—with a system that is tailored to your specific business needs. From recruiting to hiring, on-boarding, and work management, you need smart solutions that will modernize your efforts and minimize the burden to your business as-a-whole. 

With the rise of technology, the HR industry has transformed dramatically. Artificial intelligence and automation have simplified many of the menial and laborious tasks of the job, but the role of HR cannot exist with automation alone. Industry experience and personal connection cannot be replicated by robots; and, HR by its definition is about the people you hire to make your company great. Of course, for any business poised for growth, cost is a deciding factor in building out your HR efforts, with the annual salary of an HR Manager averaging $72,589 per year (Zip Recruiter). Furthermore, staying ahead of changes in technology can be time-consuming and costly as your company evolves. 

Outsourcing your HR operations and deploying an automated system, that works in collaboration with a dedicated human HR team can be a cost-effective way to free up your in-office staff to focus on their roles in developing your product or service. Maximizing your human capital is essential to achieving a competitive advantage and organizational success. On-boarding an HR company that can tailor a program to the specific needs and budget of your company, with a simple, user-friendly platform, is essential to both employee happiness and organizational productivity.  

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