#Election2020: Time off to vote | Consolidated Human Resources

#Election2020 is coming up this Tuesday, November 3. Access and opportunity to vote in the United States is the right of every eligible person. Given the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have the country in its grip, many individuals are working remotely or voting by mail-in ballot. However, for those individuals who are working onsite and need time off to vote, employers may have some questions as to how much time off is required and whether the time off must be paid or not.

Laws vary by state and during this election year, for employees voting in-person at their polling place, the wait time may be longer than in years past due to COVID-19 safety precautions. Therefore, the time off listed below may not be enough time. Please make every effort to work with your employees to ensure they have adequate time to cast their votes.

Follow the link to find more info on whether time off and pay are required in your state.