Looking ahead to 2021  | Consolidated Human Resources

As we quickly approach the end of 2020, it’s clear that the challenges we’ve endured this year will have ripple effects for quite some time. From a business perspective, companies have experienced unexpected and unprecedented change—from revenue loss and layoffs, and closures in some cases, to the complete dissemination of offices, as employees transitioned to WFH. As we progress toward a new year, it’s clear that some pandemic practices need to stay, while plans also need to shift to accommodate what’s ahead. So, what are the trends you should be aware of to inform your business through and beyond the pandemic? Let’s take a look. 

The role of HR 

The pandemic has really helped business leaders see HR in a new light. When things began to escalate back in March, HR professionals became essential office workers as they quickly set-up remote locations, assisted employees with health and safety, downsized and shifted budget priorities, and so much more. HR is truly the foundation of your organization, and your HR professionals, whether they’re inside or outside the house, are an integral part of driving your business forward. Seven months into the pandemic, it’s crucial for businesses to re-think the role HR plays and develop processes that withstand future change—with the right team in place to help you weather the storm.

It’s about people

While technology has enabled your teams to spread out and connect at the same time, at the root of your business are the people who bring your brand’s vision to life. The pandemic has highlighted the fact that human connection is essential. There’s something invaluable about picking up the phone, or connecting on Zoom, with a real-life human! Furthermore, the people you hire, and the network of partners, contractors, and consultants you work with should all have one thing in common—they should be there when you need them. 

We can do better

The Black Lives Matter movement has underlined the fact that companies need dynamic and inclusive policies that capture the diversity of our world. A people-first approach to HR, beliefs and values that support Black people and hiring policies that ensure diversity have rightfully become non-negotiable. As you plan toward 2021, it’s time to review your employee handbook to ensure that it’s up-to-date and reflective of the times. 

WFH corporate culture 

With many companies extending remote work to the end of 2020, and beyond, ensuring that your employees are happy, supported, and set-up to fully function in their roles is essential. Survey your employees to get their thoughts on how the business is running in the pandemic, and also about day-to-day operations. Keeping a pulse on employee happiness will go a long way toward cultivating productive, caring employees. 

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