Stay on the right side of compliance with time & attendance

Whether you’re at the office now, returning to the workplace, or phasing in a hybrid model, employee health and safety should be the main priority as you transition to this next phase of the new normal. The CDC recommends daily in-person health checks (e.g., symptom and temperature screening) of employees before they enter the workplace.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with a touchless timeclock with advanced facial recognition. Our Vision timeclock combines the best features of biometric security with the non-contact operational speed to keep employees safe and secure during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Best of all it integrates with our all-in-one HRIS creating a unified, connected human resource experience.

Because the Vision time clock uses facial recognition to verify identity, it supports workforces everywhere. This includes office settings, retail environments, restaurants, hotels, schools, manufacturing facilities, call centers, industrial worksites, and healthcare settings. Combined with the TimeWorks app, you can centralize time data for multiple worksites, work-at-home employees, and mobile employees. Stay on the right side of compliance and CDC guidelines with the data you need to accurately track time and attendance.

Vision is a biometric clock with advanced facial recognition.

Vision is our employee time clock that confirms identity faster and more accurately than ever. Verification takes less than a second— clock-in is quick and orderly.

  • Facial recognition is simple and identifies employees quickly and accurately to prevent lost productivity due to slow clock in queues
  • Creates accurate timecards which are easily processed and securely stored
  • Not vulnerable to lost key cards or passwords which saves time and hassle for managers and the HR team
  • Prevents all forms of time theft including buddy punching, the sharing of the clock in devices, or hours padding

Vision Facial Recognition

Unlike fingerprint clocks, facial recognition is not affected by gloves or dusty, greasy, or worn fingerprints. This makes it ideal for all work environments including office settings, healthcare, retail, hospitality, educational, manufacturing, and industrial. In addition, Vision is your best protection against buddy punching which is common with PIN and proxy card systems. Vision makes buddy punching impossible which saves your labor budget. With Vision, you can collect exact clock-in/out time data in real-time from every site. Discover the ease, security, and reliability of Vision for shift clock ins.

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