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Over the last decade or so, the lure of remote work opportunities has changed the American workforce. Employees, who have grown weary of the 9 to 5 in-office grind, have turned to companies offering the flexibility of a position that enables freedom and choice—whether that’s working remotely, nomadically or a combination of at-home and in-office. With over 3.9 million Americans working as digital nomads, the trend has become the new normal for many companies who now must consider how remote workers culture affects their bottom line. While it can save money—with 25 percent less employee turnover rates—it can also cause workers to feel isolated and disengaged from their company. So, how can you leverage the benefits of remote opportunities with an experience that supports your staff and fosters a positive employee-employer relationship?

With the evolution of technology, businesses now have the luxury of relying on automation to manage almost every operational detail, starting with human resources. As with the adoption of any new system, streamlining your approach and ensuring your employees are supported from the on-boarding process through the span of their career is essential to the success of the strategy. Furthermore, from the recruitment stage onward, remote positions have the capacity to attract talented workers, on a global scale. In a poll from the International Workforce Group of workers in 80 countries, 83 percent said they wouldn’t accept a job that didn’t offer flexible positions. To be agile and competitive in your industry you need to meet and exceed the expectations of your staff because employee happiness is the key to productivity and vital to the strength of your reputation.

By establishing a digital precedent with remote job candidates from the get-go, you can manage priorities, facilitate communication, and connect employees to your team—from video interviews and onboarding paperwork, to payroll, benefits, and beyond. From a digital nomad point-of-view, human resources is often the first (and sometimes only) point of contact with your company; a smart online portal combined with experienced, real-life HR representatives, available by phone or email, makes an excellent first-and-lasting impression. The ability to track hours, monitor payroll, manage benefits, and have a human counterpart on the other end of the line when questions or concerns arise can go a long way in ensuring employees feel engaged and in control of their employment experience. With solid back-end systems, employees are free to complete their work—in a place and on a schedule that works for them—while feeling supported in an HR capacity. Align your HR automation with tools that include online task delegation and management, and team collaboration and you’ll have a formula for productive, happy workers who are engaged with your company and winning the work-life balance.

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