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Fall is returning to the Garden State and that means most Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays, our eyes are glued to the gridiron to witness the fate of our favorite teams. While it’s not mandatory of course, a passion for football along with an active fantasy football team is almost requisite at Consolidated Human Resources—for the most part, and for better or worse, bleed Gotham green or Giant blue (aka the New York Jets/New York Giants, for the uninitiated). As such, we have a tendency to regularly draw comparisons between the game of football and human resources. Both require strategic thinking, an ability to look and plan ahead, and the agility to move nimbly to gain an advantage. 

In business, let’s consider HR as the playing field—it’s the place where your players enter the game and tackle their positions head-on. As the coach, your role is to set them up to win with clear objectives and streamlined plays, or systems, in place and then to watch from the sidelines as the magic happens. Your quarterback, or in this case, your HR solution is the key to ensuring those touchdowns are made and by gaining a good field position, your team can start the drive-to-goal (growth, revenue, etc.) and gain a scoring advantage.

Over the years we’ve learned that while certain aspects of HR are made better with automation, a human touch is still necessary to round-out the service. This means that from on boarding and payroll to business insurance, compliance, and benefits, an easy-to-navigate online portal, supported by a real-life team of HR experts is a winning strategy that opens up the field in a crucial way—it puts the ball in the hands of your employees and they become active in their own HR experience. Not only does this boost confidence in your organization but it reduces the cost of hiring an in-house designated HR professional while saving time—an employee can log in to the portal 24/7 and access up-to-date information and should a question or issue arise, they are supported by an HR expert who’s just an email or phone call away. With this solution in place, your team is then able to hit the ground running and focus on the roles they were hired for. While we can’t control the Jets’ strategy this season, we’re confident that by following the same methodology that makes good teams great, you can outmaneuver the competition and lead the way in your field.

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