Future-proofing your business starts with HR

Today’s businesses need to be agile to capture opportunities, build products and services, and provide an exceptional customer experience. For start-ups to medium-and-large size enterprises, the people you hire to make your company great directly contribute to your success. While human resources should take precedence in your overall management strategy, too often it’s an afterthought. With 97% of HR leaders planning to increase their investment in recruiting technology by the year 2020 (Workplace Trends), it’s more important than ever to get traction now to future-proof your business and gain a competitive advantage.

The workplace dynamic has shifted with talent recruitment and retention trends moving toward a candidate-led market. Now, more than ever, workers are seeking a work-life balance, unique corporate culture—including perks and benefits—and more flexible options, like gig, agile, and remote opportunities. Ensuring the employee experience is straightforward and comprehensive is an essential way to keep your employees invested in the process and for your executive teams to stay on top of productivity and resource allocation.

To meet the demands of a changing workforce, you must have the right balance of HR tools, including AI and automation for certain tasks, and experienced HR pros to attract the best workers to your industry. Workers, especially millennials, are looking for mobile-first experiences that can streamline their interactions with your company. By bringing technology to the forefront, you can easily supply your team with an online solution that is optimized for smartphones, tablets, and computers, for access to HR data, paystubs, schedules, vacation time, and more. This systemization adds a level of connection to your business, especially if you have workers spread out across the globe. In turn, they benefit from 24/7 access to a portal that manages the administrative side of the job for them; and, with real people, HR and Benefits Managers, for example, just an email or phone call away, your employees are supported and empowered by the transparency of your operations.

Staying ahead of tech advances and aligning your delivery of an HR solution within your organizational budget can be a seemingly daunting undertaking but partnering with an experienced team and outsourcing your operations is a simple and cost-effective way to modernize your systems. An HRIS can be designed with your corporate colors, logos, and fonts so that it’s an extension of your brand, and tailored to your specific needs and budget. On the management side, you can track history, company property, training, PTO, LOA, and much more, for an experience that is as comprehensive for your business growth as it is to your employee management.

Consolidated Human Resources (CHR) 
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