National Payroll Week—meet our team

At CHR, we are incredibly fortunate to have a combined 61 years of service and expertise between our three payroll professionals. They each have their own advantages and particular skill sets that our clients love and depend on each day. They have a wonderful collaborative spirit and they naturally ensure that all of our clients receive the white-glove approach that is at the core of our service model. What they have is truly magic and in the spirit of #NationalPayrollWeek, CHR would love to spotlight our payroll professionals!

Our team of payroll professionals

CHR Payroll employee Ivonne Ivonne has been with CHR since 2005 and holds some of our most strategic clients.  Whether it be mastering the art of certified payroll, analyzing union benefits, or educating herself on the latest and greatest happenings within the role of payroll compliance, she does it all with the biggest smile on her face. Ivonne is a true go-getter and is always up for the task of learning something new or going above and beyond the call of duty. Her nurturing personality doesn’t stop there!  She is almost always at the forefront of creating a warm and inviting company culture, between employee birthdays and anniversaries, or for clients who visit the office. Everyone can feel Ivonne’s happiness and genuine hope that everyone around her joins in that happiness.

Julie_CHR_PayrollWeekJulie has been with our team since 2016. She is a technical whiz and is tasked with ensuring that the clients who want more technology are kept abreast of what we have coming down the roadmap.  She does a fantastic job at ensuring that her clients are tended to at lightning speed with impeccable accuracy. Along with payroll, Julie is our resident time and attendance guru. She gives demos, implements new clients, all with a pep in her step. Julie is another positive influence in the office promoting a positive, uplifting, hardworking vibe! Julie is the epitome of work hard, play harder, and she completes every task to its fullest with a keen eye for detail!

Steve_CHR_PayrollWeekSteve is our seasoned vet who has been with CHR since 1982—40 years must fly when you’re having fun! Or that’s at least what he tells himself after all this time! Steve has been a payroll manager and mentor for our payroll department and is the critical glue that makes sure that clients are happy, adjacent departments are running smoothly, and that the payroll department is happy.  With all of his expertise, Steve is a go-to for other departments and plays a role in improving our inter-departmental communication movement. We hear glowing remarks from his clients about they know they are in good hands with Steve and his ability to help with business scenarios that go beyond the realm of payroll, because of his tenure in the industry, is unparalleled.

Thank you, Ivonne, Julie, and Steve for being invaluable members of the CHR family! Happy Payroll Week!

About National Payroll Week 

National Payroll Week celebrates America’s payroll professionals and the wage earners they pay, who together collect, report, and deposit 70% of the annual revenue of the U.S. Treasury.

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