Unlock Effortless Payroll with Consolidated HR’s New QuickBooks Online Integration!

We are thrilled to announce QuickBooks Online integration is now available for CHR’s payroll platform.

Our new API integration syncs your payroll with QuickBooks Online, the most popular small business accounting software. The integration reduces manual tasks while ensuring a direct, error-free transfer of your payroll data into your QBO General Ledger (GL), all in real time.

We Make It Super-Simple for You

Minimal Client Involvement

CHR spearheads the entire integration process. You’ll only need about two minutes to link access. Then we’ll have a quick 10 minute call to review the setup and customization for your business.

Rapid Deployment

The process is simple and takes CHR about 72 hours on average, depending on your GL complexity and customization.

Real-Time Data Push

Enjoy the convenience of seamless and automated payroll data updates to QuickBooks Online, with no need for manual journal entries or extra steps to process your GL files.

Features That Make a Difference

API Connectivity

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks. Our pure API to API connectivity offers you a clutter-free and efficient process.

Full Automation

Our built-in scheduler ensures your GL data is posted without any human intervention, maintaining accuracy and consistency.

Advanced Tools

Our reporting tools are designed to debug and proactively identify any GL setup errors.

Ready to Get Started?

The QBO integration is not just a feature – it’s a strategic tool that liberates your time and resources, empowering you to drive sales and grow your business effectively.

If you’re ready for it, we’re here to make it happen. Grab a spot on my calendar to get started.